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What you need to know about Kate

I’m a Certified Co-Active coach and an outspoken shame-free sexuality activist. Before I trained as a coach, I was immersed in the fast-paced world of advertising for 15 years but deep down I always knew I was being called to do something different, very different.

It was in working to break through my own barriers of conditioning that I started to discover and live with agency in my own uniqueness and truth.
I left advertising and am forging my own path of disruption. 

I’m obsessed with our ridiculous French Bulldog, Rocco. I’m a wife, devoted aunt and sister, a voracious reader, a writer, and a dedicated fitness enthusiast, as much for my psychological health as my physical. As a person in recovery from all manner of “sins,” I am not above candy cane ice cream and binge watching rom-coms on Netflix. 

I’m in active healing from a childhood of trauma and dysfunction, and if I can live my truth, so can you. I’VE FOUND COMPASSION, CURIOSITY, EMPATHY, AND KINDNESS FOR MYSELF.

You can too

I will help you. There is no judgment here; only a safe space to explore and discover. 

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“I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Kate.  She was a powerhouse to have in my corner; as a cheerleader, a support, and most importantly to guide me in my reflections.  Through my coaching with Kate, I was able to truly articulate what values are most important for me, and that has given me a focus I was previously lacking.  I now make decisions based on what relationships/career choices will align most to my values.  This has been a breakthrough way to function, and is thanks to Kate’s coaching.   I would recommend anyone looking to elevate themselves personally or professionally, to give themselves the gift of working with Kate.”